Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Meet the Artist: Joshua J. Hozey

inSPIRATIVE gallery and studios art center is pleased to introduce Joshua J. Hozey as the featured artist showcased in the first gallery exhibit opening on October 9th. Come and see the unique characteristics this artist shares. In the meantime, read what Josh says about his works:

"Either the restructuring of objects and/or the searching of the depths
of the psyche are the foundations of my Acrylics. To me art is a
fusion of my analytical thinking & subconscious with shape, color, and
design. Color is especially important when telling the story. Often I
argue with my brain to get the right color. Sometime hours are spent,
with eyes closed, asking my brain, willing or not, to run different
color simulations in order to get the right combination. My main goal
in doing this is to stimulate and engage others minds long enough,
through detail, technique, or story to fully escape into another
dimension. My paintings often start with an experience or day dream
then evolve into compositions centering either on cubism, surrealism,
abstraction or a combination thereof. When creating my works, while I infuse my own ideas into the painting, I purposely construct portions to allow for open interpretation as well." -- Josh Hozey

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