Saturday, February 20, 2010

Plymouth's Art Community is Travelworthy

Kalamazoo writer shares her discoveries of the “Art Land” in the “Heartland,” or as she describes, ”the canvas stretched 15 miles from Plymouth to Culver, Ind."

She begins her journey writing about our picturesque downtown Plymouth's century-old buildings and neat shops including the Frame Shoppe, Na Rie Simple Treasures and The Fiesta Mexicana. She elaborates on the "artventure" while sharing more about her experiences at Heartland Artists Gallery, inSPIRATIVE art center, Barn Quilt Trail and The Painter and the Poet Gallery.

Interestingly, the article mentions that "the art community in the region is growing as artists connect with one another through FaceBook and other networking sites."

We'd love to hear your opinion on why the art community is growing in the region. Please visit "What inspires you today?" Facebook page to share your thoughts on the growing interest in the arts today.

To read the full article in Kalamazoo Living's Travel section written by By Phyllis Rose, click here >>

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