Wednesday, January 13, 2010

For Red Hot Blues: Just Add Etna Green

How do you get a night of Red Hot Blues in downtown Plymouth? Just add Etna Green to the mix and guests will have an added dimension to the upcoming exhibit opening on Friday, February 12th at the inSPIRATIVE art center. The inSPIRATIVE gallery is preparing to open its doors to its exposed brick gallery for another dynamic night for the arts in downtown Plymouth, Indiana.

The opening of this cutting-edge art exhibit will offer guests a multi-deminsional event. The Red Hot Blues, Friday, February 12th will feature the work of artists who depict a blue-sy, hip-hop subject matter while a live performance by an indie band will shake up the audio waves mixing red hot rhythms with a downtown beat.

Etna Green will be performing acoustic piano rock blending guitars, sometimes tea kettles and xylophones along with inspiring piano melodies and profound lyrics to intrigue the hearts and minds of the guests. This up-and-coming indie band has style and charm and will be performing at the inSPIRATIVE gallery, one of downtown Plymouth's newest sweet spots on 100 W. Garro Street, near Michigan Street.

This is a Red Hot Blues night you will not want to miss. Want a preview of Etna Green? Check them out here >>
To really feel the etna green love, you really need to see them live and the night of the Red Hot Blues event should be the perfect night out for it!

Tickets are available at the door for $5. Wine, beverages and light refreshments will be available. More details to follow.

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